Like many chiropractic approaches, N.S.A. is based on the fact that the nerve system is the "information superhighway" inside you. The nerve system connects the brain with every other system, organ, tissue and cell in the body.

Through gentle contacts along the spine (no more than a pressure that could be comfortably applied to a closed eyelid), N.S.A. allows the body/mind to reflect on its position and movement in space, and associated use of energy. The place, force and direction of each contact is determined based on physical indicators and neurological patterns present at that particular moment in time.

These patterns come from your body responding to and adapting to life. The contacts are made to assist your brain in connecting efficiently with areas that are already at ease. This drives a process of reorganization and allows your body to drop or modify tension that is held in the passive (bones, ligaments, discs), active (muscles, tendons) and neurological (meninges, dural) tissues of the spine. As your strategies to position and move your spine evolve, new patterns emerge and old patterns release energy as fuel for making healing changes.