Wellness is available in health and/or disease and establishes the cellular and physiological environment (context) for our future body.

A Contextual Approach

Wellness(-illness) shifts the focus to the context in which the content (the 'problem', i.e. the symptom, sickness or disease) is arising. Each and every one of us is a 24/7 living, breathing broadcast station – and our cells are the listening audience. How strong is your signal? How clear is your signal? What is the quality of your signal? Do you know what affects your signal? What program is your channel broadcasting? As the next generation of cells comes to life, their structure aligns to this signal (your bioenergetic environment). The cells of the body are constantly renewed and, over the course of approximately two years, are completely replaced with a fresh generation of cells (with the exception of the nerve system). Health and disease take time to manifest; both are the result of sustained wellness or illness in our lives.

A brown leaf never turns green.

Focus on what will determine the future content, which is the context. Grow a new leaf.

This is the Core of Wellness