While the concept of wellness/illness gives us insight and access to a more empowered view of health and disease, how can we really implement this in our lives?

Power to Grow Better

Today, our healthcare system is primarily reactive, and many specific therapies, are focused on symptoms, dysfunction and disease.  This is because they respond to psycho-physiological processes already manifest or in crisis. Operating by diagnosis is only possible after disease process has begun to manifest.  A diagnosis of 'health' is vague and does not lend itself easily to a course of action.  As it stands today, for us to engage and use our 'healthcare' system, there must already be a problem to work with.  This is not healthcare; it is diseasecare.  From the get-go, the goal is actually to have less of whatever 'problem' might exist, e.g. pain, symptoms, dysfunction, disease, etc.  This approach is characteristic of many therapies, where it begins with the focus on what's ‘wrong’ (the existing content).  Action (treatment) is only taken to stop some process from occurring in the body and if there is nothing to stop, remove, or fight (i.e. no existing content), there is nothing to do.  Even 'preventative' medicine at it's best is still only early detection.

Are we to be satisfied with this as our only approach to creating vitality and longevity for ourselves and in our family?

The key is in truly owning (and living) wellness as a means to create health.  Engaging the power of your body's ability to heal will require taking more responsibility for your body, and your life.  Wellness is built-in and available at all times; but it is something we must practice, and something we must choose to recruit by growing the connection and nourishing the relationship we have with our body.

Wellness is essential to a greater expression of health and vitality in our lives – healing and other sustainable improvements in health are only available through wellness. So in selecting an approach that supports wellness as a goal, consider the following: Look for one that will focus on what works. One that will move you towards something new, rather than away from something old, one which views the context as a means toward change. In wellness, action is motivated by freedom and trust. It seeks to increase connection to the body and gain a greater depth of meaning – to create new possibilities for vitality, longevity and healing.