Your spine is where you live your life, no matter where you are.

The spine is the core of our being and houses our nerve system.

The nerve system is at the centre of all body functions. It works constantly to relay and integrate the vital information within, regulating and coordinating all the processes of life. Our central nerve system is the first system to develop and is the only system encased in bone (skull and spinal vertebrae).

The nerve system is the mind/body interface.

From our range of emotional experience, to our sense-of-self and our behaviour, to our conscious awareness, sprituality and life enjoyment, it is through our nerve system that we live and experience our lives.

Working with the spine is very efficient.

Improvements in spinal structure and spinal behaviour allow the function of the nerve system to also improve. This is reflected throughout the body and creates new possibilities for body awareness, well-being, and healing.

In order that our potential for well-being and healing is manifest, intelligent, organizing forces must be expressed from mind to body. This is accomplished over the human nerve system which extends from the core of our being, throughout the spine and entire matrix of the body, linking and integrating every system, organ, tissue, and cell - structurally and functionally.

The nerve system delivers signal to every system and cell, orchestrating the symphony of life within the body. It is the primary medium used for the transfer, processing, and integration of vital information (connectivity and communication) essential for all Human Works - from body functions to pain modulation and healing, to emotions, to attention, focus, concentration and thought, to creativity, performance and spiritual expression. This "innernet" is our link between the inner and outer world; it is through our nerve system that we live and experience our lives.

Stress and tension in your spine - and on your nerve system - can alter the way in which your body functions.

As the body compensates to accomodate tension in the structures of the spine, we loose flexibility and range of motion.  This can limit our ability to expand and contract effectively adapting to the demands of life.

An adjustment involves the delivery of a safe and appropriate force to a person, at the level of the spine, at the right time, at the right place. We work with you, in your body, to develop strategies that promote spinal-neural integrity. This is directly related to the quality of life you live and experience on all levels.

Chiropractic care is considered to be one of the safest and most effective forms of healthcare; it is safe for people of all ages including children, infants, pregnant women and seniors.